Bobb Fantauzzo has developed a unique sound playing Native American style and world flutes. It is an eclectic mix of the traditional and the untraditional, the conventional and the unconventional, the past and the present.

His music has been described as evocative, innovative, primal sophistication, engaging, hip. It is contemporary jazz voiced through the ancient zen-like tonalities of wooden flutes. It is, what he calls, JazZen.


Weaving of
A Weaving of Traditions explores the influence of Native American music on the world of jazz. It is a project that honors some of the jazz legends having Native American roots.

To date, two Weaving of Traditions concerts have been funded by The Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


Listen to the April, 2016 radio show  
Listen to the June, 2013 radio show        


Mildred Bailey
Dave Brubeck
Don Cherry
Ornette Coleman
Miles Davis
Duke Ellington
Dizzy Gillespie
Sheila Jordan
John Lewis
Charles Lloyd
Charles Mingus
Thelonious Monk
Charlie Parker
Jim Pepper
Oscar Pettiford
Max Roach
Pee Wee Russell
Native Roots of Jazz is a series of vignettes, recorded for radio, illuminating the contributions made by jazz musicians with Native American roots. They were aired on KBEM - Jazz88fm during April, 2016 and are now available on-line at ampers.

These are but a few of the jazz legends with Native American roots.

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"a unique sound that is both holy and hip, primal and sophisticated... the integration of an almost prayerful melodicism suggestive of Charles Lloyd with a more forward-thrusting, free-wheeling improvisational approach that echoes Coltrane, Davis, Shorter, and Coleman."  - Jazz Police

"JazZen has a versatile sound that incorporates everything from modern groove to world jazz." 
- MOJA (Modern Jazz) Radio

"JazZen’s new CD, Bounce Off the Moon, shows their versatility as musicians and their respect for jazz greats including Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, and John Coltrane." - bebopified

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