Bobb Fantauzzo has developed a unique sound playing Native American style and world flutes. It is an eclectic mix of the traditional and the untraditional, the conventional and the unconventional, the past and the present.

His music has been described as evocative, innovative, primal sophistication, engaging, hip. It is contemporary jazz voiced through the ancient zen-like tonalities of wooden flutes. It is, what he calls, JazZen.


Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Concerts

Through the support of KBEM Jazz88FM, Fantauzzo has performed several concerts funded by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Radio programs were created from the recorded concerts and are available for on-line listening at the Ampers ("Diverse Radio for Minnesota's Communities") website.

A Weaving of Traditions 

Jazz has always been recognized as being rooted in both African and European music. But another overlooked root exists, namely Native American music.

Native rhythms and melodies influenced the music of many well-known jazz musicians. And many of the most important jazz musicians had Native American roots, including Dave Brubeck (Modoc), Miles Davis (Cherokee), Duke Ellington (Cherokee), Dizzy Gillespie (Tuscarora) and Charlie Parker (Choctaw).

A Weaving of Traditions explores the little known influence of Native American music on jazz and the contributions made by jazz luminaries with Native American heritage.

Three different Weaving of Tradition concerts were performed and recorded by KBEM in 2013, 2016 and 2017. They are available for on-line listening:

April, 2017 concert

with Jeff Bailey (bass), Lyz Jaakola (vocals), Javier Santiago (piano), Mac Santiago (drums)

April, 2016 concert
with Anthony Cox (bass), Lyz Jaakola (vocals), Javier Santiago (piano), Mac Santiago (drums) and special guest Irv Williams (Native flute and sax)

June, 2013 concert
with Michael Bruns (guitar), Lyz Jaakola (vocals), Aaron Kerr (electric cello), and Daniel Lange (drums)

Music Without Borders

In a world and time of differences, music has the power to bring us together, to unite us through a shared experience. Music knows no boundaries. It transcends that which keeps us apart.

Performing on hand drums and shakers they made during a workshop facilitated by Douglas Ewert and Bobb Fantauzzo, students from the Urban Arts Academy joined in a unique experience celebrating the oneness of humanity through music.

A radio program, incorporating music from this concert is available for on-line listening:

April, 2018 concert
with Douglas R. Ewart (didgeridoo, flutes, and other instruments), Mankwe Ndosi (vocals), Davu Seru (percussion), Jacqueline Ultan (cello), and students from Urban Arts Academy


2018, Bobb Fantauzzo